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Dig Into New Orleans' Diverse Cuisine

A Local Food Lover’s Guide to the Big Easy

In addition to being a popular bachelor party destination, New Orleans hosts several major events throughout the year, such as Mardi Gras and Southern Decadence, drawing thousands of revelers from around the world. But the big star of this southern city is its food, and they take it very seriously here. You can dine at the finest tables with white-glove service, or you can hit up a crawfish boil and eat with your hands. The people of Louisiana love food – it’s their favorite topic of conversation, other than politics and LSU football. To prepare you for your trip to the Big Easy, Vacation has a few tips on ordering all the right food in all the best places during your visit. Bon appétite!

Let Vacation's expert agents plan your next amazing trip to New Orleans to try a beignet at Cafe Du Monde.
Sweet Treat: For a light breakfast, stop by Cafe Du Monde for a beignet and a cup of coffee. Arrive early to avoid the long lines.

Go Upscale in Uptown

The city New Orleans follows the undulating Mississippi River and divides itself into Uptown and Downtown – where you’ll find the French Quarter. Uptown is home to Tulane University and a parade of stately Southern homes along St. Charles Avenue. The Queen Mother of uptown dining is Commander’s Palace, and it does Jazz Brunch better than any other restaurant on earth. Book your table and come ready to indulge in Turtle Soup and Bread Pudding Soufflé accompanied by a Bloody Mary while listening to Dixieland Jazz. It’s customary to dress up for your visit to Commander’s – men will feel more comfortable wearing a sport coat and tie.

... indulge in the turtle soup and bread pudding soufflé accompanied by a Bloody Mary while listening to Dixieland Jazz.

Get Your Po-Boy Dressed

 The Po-Boy sandwich was invented during the Depression when hungry young men, known as “poor boys” were on strike against the streetcar transit system. Local bakeries sympathetic to the cause would feed strikers hearty sandwiches made of French bread filled with roast beef. Today’s Po-Boy menus usually offer fried shrimp or fried oysters in addition to the traditional roast beef with gravy. When ordering at a local joint like Domilise’s, you’ll specify if you want it “dressed” – which means you want it topped with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. The best po-boys in New Orleans have one thing in common - Leidenheimer bread, baked locally since 1896.

Let Vacation's expert agents plan your next amazing trip to New Orleans to try a tasty friend oysters po-boy sandwich.
Po-Boy Sandwich: Don't leave New Orleans without trying an authentic Po-Boy sandwich made with fried oysters (shown above), fried shrimp or roast beef.  

Book at Brennan

The New Orleans restaurant landscape is filled with talented chefs, but homage must be paid to the efforts of the ever-expanding Brennan family – the backbone of New Orleans cuisine. Ralph, Dickie, Ella and their kin have given us The Palace Café, NOLA, Brennan’s and Mr. B’s Bistro – in addition to Commander’s Palace discussed above!  Treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner in a Brennan’s establishment, where you will experience to savor taste of a distinctive New Orleans meal.

Treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner in a Brennan's establishment, where you will experience the savory taste of a distinctive New Orleans meal.

Try These Classic Cocktails

Perhaps the most famous cocktail in New Orleans is the Hurricane, invented at the renowned Pat O’Brien’s bar in the French Quarter. The sweet fruity rum drink can be sampled in many other bars across town, but ordering the original version at Pat O’s while seated in the open-air courtyard is a must-do. But just order one, or you’ll regret it. The other classic New Orleans cocktail is the Brandy or Bourbon Milk Punch. Typically served with brunch, the milk punch is a spiked milkshake that can start your day off right!

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Let Vacation's expert agents plan your next amazing trip to New Orleans to try an authentic hurricane cocktail.
Hurricane Cocktail: It's just one of several cocktails native to NOLA. This tasty drink is made with rum, fruit juice and grenadine or syrup.